I build professional websites for individuals and small businesses on WordPress. I put current standards and best practices first and foremost. Over 25% of the web is running on WordPress. This is why I use, learn, and teach all things WordPress.

Once your website is live you may want someone to call if something goes wrong. I can provide updates, and continued support for your website after it has been launched.

Whether you want to take over managing the website on your own after launch, or you want me to continue to manage it, it is key that you understand what you own. There are several aspects to a website, such as your domain name, DNS, your hosting, and your content. I'll make sure you understand everything.

While I do not provide hosting, it can be confusing. I will provide you my recommendations on good companies to host your website with. Choosing the correct package or plan is key. I'll make sure we choose the proper fit for your websites needs.

Additional Services


Taking regular backups of your website is critical. I take daily, weekly, and monthly backups of all the websites I support. A good backup needs to include the files that make up your website as well as the database behind your website.


This goes hand in hand with backups. I use a solution that I know works, and one I use regularly. Backups don't do you any good if you've never tried restoring your website from them.


It is important to monitor your website. I offer 24x7 monitoring of your website. You'll receive instant e-mail notification if your website is down or offline for any reason.


All of my websites are built on the WordPress platform. There are several different updates for WordPress. Updates for the plugins, themes, and core. Core updates are for the WordPress platform itself. Plugin and theme updates are provided by the developer of the plugin or theme. Updates generally include things like fixes to security vulnerabilities, and bug fixes.


I use a ticketing system to track all support requests. This is the best way to provide clear communication and set expectations on resolving requests. Using a ticketing system also provides the ability to track and look back at issues previously dealt with. Along with my ticketing system I have a knowledge base for all customers to use as well.